A Dental Clinic in Hamilton Can Help Patients With Veneers


Veneers are thin porcelain shells affixed to the teeth. They hide flaws and make a patient’s teeth appear straighter, whiter, and more visually appealing. While some patients believe they will lose their original teeth and others believe veneers mean they can stop caring for their teeth entirely, these myths are untrue. To set things straight, the guide below explains what happens when a patient gets veneers.

Veneers Don’t Happen Right Away

Dental veneers are a time-consuming, multi-step process, and a patient cannot expect to get them in one day. For proper fitment, the dental clinic in Hamilton must do a smile analysis. While veneers are great, they are not for everyone and other procedures can achieve similar effects in some patients. Those curious about veneers should discuss their expectations with a dentist so they can be set at a realistic level.

The Patient Gets a Customised Smile

One of the greatest things about dental veneers is that they can be modified to suit the patient’s needs and tastes. To create optimal results, the dentist will analyse the patient’s bite, pulp tissue, and enamel thickness. All of these factors are crucial in creating veneers with the right thickness and a natural appearance.

Patients Must Wear a Trial Set of Veneers

Unlike the final set, temporary veneers are affixed to the teeth with temporary cement. This practice allows the dental clinic patient in Hamilton to get an idea of how his or her smile will feel and look when the permanent veneers are attached. The trial veneers make it so there are no surprises, and they typically only need to be used for a few days whilst the final veneers are made.

Natural Teeth Must be Reduced

For veneers to be properly fitted to the teeth, the patient’s natural teeth must be made slightly smaller. Reduction amounts vary, but a good cosmetic dentist will try to minimise the impact. Porcelain veneers are irreversible, which is why it is vital for patients to choose an experienced provider of dental care in Hamilton.

While veneers can be a long-term option for some patients, they do not last forever. Longevity depends on how well the patient cares for his or her teeth and gums. For oral care advice and cosmetic dentistry in Hamilton, you can call on our team at Anglesea Clinic Dental Care or visit us at www.angleseaclinicdentalcare.co.nz for more information.